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[REVIEW] Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda


First of all, this was a very quick read. It took me about two days to complete and the story just sucked me in. This book is about Simon, a junior who is gay. This story is about his coming out and finding love. Moreso toward a person he only speaks to via email.

I’m just going to jump right into my sections now


And here we are.

My main problem was the constant reference toward “the Tumblr.” I’m pretty sure thy meant it to mean “The Tumblr Page,” but reading it just made me cringe. That’s like saying “the Facebook.”

My next negative was this Martin guy. I felt he was there just as an extra unneeded character. This story had a lot of random characters and references but this one took the cake for me.

Now on to the better.


I absolutely love who Blue is. That is all I’m going to say without giving too much away. I mean, if you’re reading a review you want a little better idea of a book before you read it.

Let me tell you that the ending of this book was great. I loved this ending so much. You knew all the ends were going to wrap up but this was quite nice. You have something nice to look forward to.

To summarize

Gosh, this feels too much like a school book report, but it is needed.

This book was a great one shot and I quite look forward to seeing the movie!

If you guys have any book suggestions you want me to review, please let me know! I’m all ears!



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One Lovely Blog Award


  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the
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  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominated up to 15 bloggers that you admire.


Thank You

I was nominated for this award by the One Lovely Blogger,Darklywhimsicalreader.

She is absolutely amazing so please go read some of her blogs.

7 Facts About Me

  1. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology
  2. I was born in California ✌🏻
  3. My favorite shows at the moment are The Office and Grey’s Anatony
  4. I always read at least two books at a time
  5. I have a cockatiel named Ruby
  6. I’ve gone to New York Comic Con 10 years in a row
  7. My favorite animal is a Manatee. And that’s the truth.



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[REVIEW] Frozen: The Broadway Musical

I finally saw it you guys! The Frozen Broadway Play!

Anyone who disliked the movie Frozen should be open to seeing the musical. So much more info is included in the play. More backstory to the sisters, the romances, more on their feelings for each other and the scenes are so so powerful!

There is one scene where Elsa puts her glove back on and is “magically teleported” to the celebration. Your attention is distracted in all the right parts.

As for the merch, they had a limited edition coat but there were only smalls left. No way I could get one. I did buy the enamel pin, of course.

Overall, I want to everyone to know how great this play was! They added so much depth to each character and even gave Oaken his own song! (Sorry, small spoiler!)

Thank you all,


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[REVIEW] The Dragonet Prophecy

In the first book of the “Wings of Fire” series, we are introduced to five teenage dragons. Bound by the words of a prophecy, the five were raised in seclusion. Obviously, the eventually escape and begin their journey about said prophecy.

This book is highly reminiscent of the “Warriors” cat books. I was quite into those as a young teen and I feel these books are right up that alley.

I won’t bother going into a positives and negative section since this book is written for preteens so harsh criticism is not necessary.

In my opinion, the book was superbly written and the plot was very fast-paced. The grammar is subpar but that is fine. Altogether, I feel that this would be a great series to read in the future!

-Purplemanatees out

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When I read a book I strongly dislike either it wasn’t my preference or the story was severely lacking. I’ve written many a story with my fair share of horribly horribly written ones. The difference is mine weren’t published because I knew how bad they were.

To begin, Caraval by Stephanie Garner has a strong idea but a horrible execution. The main character, Scarlett Dragna, finds herself mixed up in a game where things aren’t what they appear. With the help of some random dude, they try to find her sister Donatella.

I must say this book was one of my hardest reads to finish. The end had so many “surprise endings” that I just wanted to find the truth in the end and I still never found it. So much contradicts in this story it will have your head reeling.


* The author tried to get that wow factor right at the beginning by having the girls get caught by their abusive father. I found this a very shallow backstory to just throw right in the open

* The whole story revolves around Scarlett trying to save her sister but her own shellfish-ness keeps getting in the way with no explanation as to why??? She supposedly loves her sister so much but many times in the book this “love” is proven wrong. *SPOILER* Then in the end she manages to “wish” her sister back to life with the very love she was lacking the whole time??

* I hated Tella as a nickname and how it was used beyond dialogue and to describe the character. Donatella should have been used throughout the description


* The mystery of Caraval itself was the only redeeming part of this book. Trying to figure out what “magic” is being used and how it works was quite fascinating.

* I also loved that Scarlett’s dress changed with her emotions. That was a cool little snippet….


* I disliked the whole book. The backstory was quickly crammed into the intro and the romantic interest was not great. The ending felt smashed into those few pages with little actual truth being revealed. Just lie after lie with “twists and turns” being abused to the highest standard.

* Ultimately, I feel she only fell in love with Julian because she licked his blood and her body was attracted to him. That slight attraction for the first time made her infatuated with him. Blind love. He was actually a jerk in my opinion and I felt he just played her the whole time.

*This book was a 4 days work week read if you can stand the constant back and forth between boring and intriguing. I wish you the luck of the leprechaun if you wish to partake in this book. On amazon it was on sale for 2.99 for the kindle edition! (Now I know why)

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully the next book will be much better!

Purplemanatees out!

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[REVIEW] Seraphina

A Summary

To begin, Seraphina is an entryway into a thoroughly planned out world containing dragon and humankind. The characters were thought out and development was superb! The book does well as a stand alone but a sequel has been published. Rachel Hartman introduces us to Seraphina, our protagonist and forbidden spawn of a dragon and human. Bearing the signs of a dragon, Seraphina hold a great many secrets about dragonkind that come to aid her in her journey. The character development was phenomenal and there were so many unique persons and ideals addressed within the story. Even the main idea of the book deals with a sort of speciesism and the negative aspects akin to racism. This book contains action, history, and even some romance sprinkled in.


Having just finished this thick read (took around seven Work days to complete), I find myself struggling to think of any solid problems that I had with the book. There is a sequel and the book’s main plot does not truly end it so I find the need to read the second. I prefer one shot books but honestly this book could have been turned into 2 whole books so we should be thankful the author left off where they did!

To Finish

This book had me staying up till 2 or even 4 in the morning trying to finish it! I actually purchased it on sale on Amazon for around 4.99 on kindle! Definitely recommend if you want a long book to read and discover! Till next time ❤️Purplemanatees

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[REVIEW] The Sinner


The Sinner

To begin, this book is quite triggering. It isn’t a psychological thriller for no reason. The Sinner by Petra Hammesfahr is not for the feint of heart. The story begins with Cora, the main character, going out to a day on the beach. She had planned to kill herself this day but for some reason, the outcome changed. Instead she found herself stabbing a man to his death and now being sent to jail. The mystery begins to unravel as the detective interviews her and so begins the story of Cora Bender.

The book has alot of back and forth dialogue so when reading, you need to read every word to really understand what she is saying. It is a mystery afterall and you’re part of the help finding out the truth.

A few cons (Spoilers ahead)

[SPOILER] To me, the story felt repetitive and i thought the end result would have been quite different. To be honest, her sister dying in that way felt like just a wow factor and didnt really go with the flow. I understand she wanted it to seem like it never was COra that was bad but in the end it was the sister but I never got that sign except in the end like oh hey i actually did it all for my sister.

I also felt that the middle was quite lacking. And those names of tiger and billygoat were killing me I just wanted them to stop being mentioned but it turns out they were actually the truth.

As for the doctor just treating her in his own household, he really shoudve just dumped her off at a hospital and be done with her. Left town ya know?

Of course this is just my awful opinion.

In Short

I thought it was a great book overall and that opening scene really had me hooked. I just ended up binge reading it in 4 days just to get it over with. I actually had this book lent to me by a fellow book lover who wanted me to read it as well. I did enjoy it overall and I really look forward to watching the show (when it’s finished of course. I am not about to watch it weekly). Pretty sure that sentence structure is totally incorrect but #NoRagrets

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope to see you in the next review! ❤


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[REVIEW] A Secret History of Witches

A Secret History Of Witches by Louisa Morgan

This book follows the tale of the power of witchcraft passed down from generation to generation. Stemming from one grandmother and escaping from France, the story begins with Nannette and her entry to witch-hood. From there we see how the power is passed on to the next girl in line and how strong the magic can be. Each story was Unique with its own turns and travels. It was a great read and if you didn’t like one story, another was soon to follow.

A Review

I absolutely loved how seamless the changes were to each girl. In total there are five as depicted by the Jars in the cover and each girls attitude toward magic and their own personalities were unique. Each story began with the girl and her powers surfacing followed by the revelation at 18 to the power she holds. A scrying stone and a book of spells were passed down the line and each witch begets a familiar of some sort. It’s a wonderful read about how each evades revealing their secret yet still yearn to practice the craft no matter the danger or the warnings

Some Negatives (Spoilers)

There is a trigger warning of abuse and sexual situations.

Personally I found nothing wrong with the writing or the characters. It truly was a good read and it took forever but at the end I ended up just skimming and wanting it to be over. It was obvious how it was going to end and by that point I had become used to the formula Louisa used with the men and the spells. The last story was my least liked because of that as well as her working with the other Witches. It was quite odd to me and felt sort of forced. But that is my opinion and could of course be changed.

To Conclude

It was a wonderful read and is worth a look if you’re into Witches and witchcraft and secrets! Also, DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY!

-Purple Manatees ❤️

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[REVIEW] Three Dark Crowns

A Short Intro

To begin, Three Dark Crowns is a wonderous read for anyone interested in fantasy and young adult. The story revolves around three triplets who are destined to kill each other with only one becoming queen. The three girls, Katharine, Mirabella, and Arisinoe, all belong to an island where “gifts” are given to different people. Poisoners can withstand even the deadlest poisons, Naturalists can communicate with animals and plants as well as have their own familiar, and Elementalists can control, well, the elements. 

The three queens each have these abilities and fight for the right to be named queen. Of course, many adventures happen and these girls grow to learn more about themselves and the island around them than any who have known before! 

Do note: This book is not a standalone book. The end only introduces the second book so to read the overall story you will need to purchase book 1 and 2 

My One Problem

Is the love triangle that constantly keeps popping up. Personally, the character is just a genuine jerk at this point and is one of the reasons I may not even read the second book. His constant existence impede da on the overall story between the girls but of course it is necessary for what the author is going for. 


This story is an amazing read and I couldn’t wait to start reading it every time I had to put it down! The ending is also worth noting that is is one of the best book ends I’ve ever read. Even though the end only introduces the second book it is still a great read. 

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[REVIEW] Two Days Gone

two days

A Review

To begin, hello and good day to all of you! Today was pretty good for me and I hope it was for you as well.

Now, jumping in to the review of this book. When I bought this book I was really grabbed by the title and it felt so mysterious. Taking this book just felt right. Once I finally decided to read the book I discovered the “A Ryan DeMarco Mystery.” When greeted with this, I felt disappointment in the fact that I would probably not understand many of the references written. Luckily, it turns out that this is the first book in the “series” based on this character.

Moving on to the actual story. The beginning was a bit slow but very intriguing. It begins with a teacher named Thomas Huston who pretty much murders his whole family in the night and runs away. Ryan DeMarco is the chief policeman on the case and is a friend of Thomas. Wrought by the suddenness of the incident, Ryan makes it his goal to research every lead he can find.

The mystery is quite good and the ending throws in some crazy twists~ My only real negative view of the character, was he was more of a renegade cop who breaks literally every law, follows no protocol, and barely gets in trouble at the end.

The characters in the book are actually quite basic aside from the main ones. With Thomas being an English teacher, there were a lot of literary elements thrown in as well. Mostly, Edgar Allen Poe poems.

Also, the title of the book. It was never clear to me and I finished the book with confusion. After some research, I found that after Thomas had killed the family and ran, it took two days for them to find the bodies.

And, with regards to Edgar Allen Poe and the title, some people believe that Poe was found 2 days after his death and that these are tied together. According to the wiki, this is not true.

“[Poe] was taken to the Washington College Hospital, where he died at 5 a.m. on Sunday, October 7.”

My birthday ❤ A wonderous occasion.

This book is also a really thick read so do prepare for at least a 3 day beach read or 7 day regular read. Maybe 8.

For those curious this took 3 days off of work for me to complete so I definitely had to take quite a few hours.

Well, ta ta for now! I hope you all enjoyed this review and feel free to message me with anything you wish to discuss