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Bookcon Haul (Sunday)

To begin, I was not able to stay for the whole time but it was for as long as I really needed. We were so tired by One o’clock that we welcomed the car that came to pick us up (thanks fiance!). Next year we decided we are going to splurge for the VIP passes! Having that time out area plus getting to go to bag check and not having to worry about losing your place in line is great as well! I definitely am going to try though.

Now on to the HAUL

26 books were obtained at Bookcon in only 3 hours!!

We also survived the Owlcrate line and got a nifty pin out of it! Our main goal for this day was just to see how many books we could grab. Within the first 10 minutes, we got two books that were sitting on tables and two other romance novels signed by the authors! Success

Pictured below are the

4 books that were free and signed and the 2 books that were paid for.

That means we got 20 whole books were free!

Although, my saddest moment was at the NYCC booth (I was wearing the Uniqlo T-shirt and everything!) Super excited, right? 2 people before me get easy-peasy trivia questions that any person would know and then she gets to me!

“What is the longest river in Australia?”

I’m sorry Australians, but being in America and in no way a geography major, this stumped me. It turns out the answer is Murray River but I just felt so cheated out of a shirt 😦

Do note: the Murray River is 1558 miles long and the Nile river is the longest river in the world and it spans 1,300,000 miles long. That is a crazy difference just to point out.

I hope everyone had a great weekend or even just one day at Bookcon and I can’t wait to see all of you again next year! ❤


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Bookcon Haul (Saturday)

Today was spectacular. Between my co-pilot sweet-talking people, our huge collection of bags, and many countless minutes on fun lines, I think it’s safe to say Bookcon was a success!

The authors were so nice and pleasant. Staff were more than accommodating and offered to help time and again. All of the books offered were high quality and I was so happy with everything that I found!

Now on to the HAUL


Everything you see in the picture above was obtained at Bookcon whether it was free or not.

28 total books were acquired not including samplers or previews.

23 books were free with 5 books being paid for.

I won a Tumbler at the LitJoy booth, bought a large bookbeau, and got my picture taken with Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron. The shirt was from inviting people using the &Ampersand app and inviting 5 friends. I also got 2 stress balls, miscellaneous sticker, tattoos, and pins.

(Pictured below) The 3 books on top were paid and signed. The 8 on the bottom were free and signed.

Catch y’all on the next page!


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May Book Haul

Physical Books

Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young: This is a signed hardcover copy I got from my OwlCrate box

Catching Stars by Cayla Keenan: Another OwlCrate book that was a bonus for the month of May

How It Happened by Michael Kortya: I received this book by winning a giveaway on Goodreads! The cover is so brilliant I thought it really captured my attention.



Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass) by Sarah J Maas: The glorious fourth book in the Throne of Glass series I have now become enamored with.


A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses) by Sarah J Maas: I just can’t believe that I did not enjoy that first book and heard that the second book is way better than the first so i decided to give it a try. I must say that I am enjoying it so far!


The Butterfly Garden (The Collector Series) by Dot Hustchinson: Found this book while searching up deals on amazon!


Obscura by Joe Hart: You all have seen my review about how great this book was. It was such a thought provoker/thriller that I could not put it down!

My next haul is going to be a bookcon haul and then I assume there will not be a June haul but we will have to see!


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Bookcon Prep


Saturday Plans


 The greatest thing about Bookcon for me, is that I’m going with a fellow book nerd who loves books as much as I do! Because of this, we got twice the authors!

Chuck Palahniuk

Kate DiCamillo, Shannon Hale, Jessica Spotswood, Meg Medina & T.R. Simon

Kendare Blake

Other Plans

Of course, I plan on going to panels but I don’t want to plan my day around them. Saturday is the day we want to concentrate on the show floor since the next day will be short for us.

We also plan on lining up in as many lines as we see! Most of the time they entail free things such as arcs, book signings, freebies, and more!

Sunday Plans


Adam Silvera

Rainbow Rowel

Veronica Roth

Although, I’m afraid we already own the book by Adam Silvera we would be required to purchase. So we must wait for the day of to see if there are other books available for purchase. If not, we will unfortunately bid our goodbye.

As mentioned before, we won’t be able to make it to any panels on this day since it is one of my best friend’s birthday party.

I can’t wait! If you are going to be there, follow me on instagram to see what I’m wearing and say hi!



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Sick Blog

Today, I am death.

Actually, I’ve been feeling sick since Friday.

I was at work when I felt that tickle in the back of my throat. That soreness waiting to come out. Then, it all crashed down on me. Full on nose battle with coughing and nausea coupled with lack of sleep.

It is now Tuesday, and I am still feeling it. The Sick isn’t a full on 10 anymore though. It has calm down to a subtle 5, but that nausea finally made it’s full on debut today. Conveniently, right before my shift at work.

If you don’t know me, I rarely call out of work. That place can get so messed up if one or more people call out I feel bad being the one doing it. Every time I call out, I fight with myself about it the whole time leading up and the whole day after.

Today, I don’t feel as bad though. I went to Urgent Care on Sunday and they told me to take a few days off of work so I have my excuse (and subsequent paperwork). But calling out two days in a row is almost unheard of in the retail industry. Unless, you’re really sick.

So long story short, I hate calling out of work but for my better health I must do it.

Thank you all for reading

Catch ya on the flip side