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Bookcon Prep


Saturday Plans


 The greatest thing about Bookcon for me, is that I’m going with a fellow book nerd who loves books as much as I do! Because of this, we got twice the authors!

Chuck Palahniuk

Kate DiCamillo, Shannon Hale, Jessica Spotswood, Meg Medina & T.R. Simon

Kendare Blake

Other Plans

Of course, I plan on going to panels but I don’t want to plan my day around them. Saturday is the day we want to concentrate on the show floor since the next day will be short for us.

We also plan on lining up in as many lines as we see! Most of the time they entail free things such as arcs, book signings, freebies, and more!

Sunday Plans


Adam Silvera

Rainbow Rowel

Veronica Roth

Although, I’m afraid we already own the book by Adam Silvera we would be required to purchase. So we must wait for the day of to see if there are other books available for purchase. If not, we will unfortunately bid our goodbye.

As mentioned before, we won’t be able to make it to any panels on this day since it is one of my best friend’s birthday party.

I can’t wait! If you are going to be there, follow me on instagram to see what I’m wearing and say hi!



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[REVIEW] Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass)

Just a warning! This review will contain some spoilers, but it is the third book in the series so it is hard to talk about it without revealing things!

This book concentrates a lot on Celaena discovering herself. In the last book we learned she was Fae and this book is about her rediscovering her powers and their connections to her past. We end up with her full history in the end


The world building was a little funky in this book. Sarah J Maas tries adding more details and elaborating more on the magic but I find that there are little details just thrown in there without any previous knowledge of them. I just wish these details weren’t thrown in so haphazardly rather than explaining them a bit or just not included at all.

The relationship between Rowan and Celaena was not one that I had any interest in. Rowan was your typical stoic teacher type, but we already have that with Chaol. He is the one that I want to hear more about (Love that couple). The closeness of the two of them seems simply created for fans or something idk. I feel like they should have mentioned he wasn’t going to be with Celaena romantically a little earlier on in the book, I would’ve enjoyed the book a little more.


This series already had me hooked, but then, they introduced dragons. These creatures are one of my favorite and I love reading about them and the characters they are given. The Wyverns story with Manon is such a great side story I was so happy for the additional breaks from the previously mentioned relationship between Celaena and Rowan.

Altogether, the book itself is such a huge upside! The story has me so hooked I keep wanting more. I just bought the next book even though i have to read 3 more to get there. Oops. I love this series and haven’t been this hooked since I read the Harry Potter series earlier this year.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass)

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[REVIEW] The Girl On The Train


I finally decided to join the hype! I found this book in my mom’s ‘library’ and gave it a try. This book is a mystery thriller about a girl named Rachel who sees something she shouldn’t have. The story unfolds revealing murder, cheating, and Rachel’s excessive drinking problem. This book had the same feel as the book, The Sinner.

It took a while for me to really get into this book but once I was hooked, it took me a half a day to finish half the book.

Oh No’s 

One thing I dislike about “Adult” fiction is the over-description of everything. Her backstory does not need to span over X amount of pages containing constant descriptions. In addition, the mysteries go back and forth a little too much in these books.

Also, I’m really not a big fan of cheating. To me, cheating is just not cool and shouldn’t be such a regular thing as it is in this book. It’s almost as if it is the norm in this society.

The Yay’s

I loved so many different aspects of this book. The memory loss and the random facts about Megan’s life slowly being revealed. The mystery of it all had me so enamored that I read half the book in one night

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

The Girl on the Train

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[REVIEW] Life is Like A Musical


I recently finished this lovely book Life Is Like A Musical written by Tim Federle. This book is kinda like Aesop’s Fables. It is a self-help collection of stories that relate from real life to the musical industry. This book contains 50 chapters, each centered on a saying.

I received this as an ARC at Bookcon last year and look forward to reading the actual book. The only problems I had with it were the unfinished chapter pages where the color could use a little darkening. Although, I feel like they fix this in the Official version because this is just an ARC.

Favorite quotes

“Everyone nowadays wants to be famous for something, even if they don’t know for what.”

“Try to populate your life with the types of costars who feed on positive reinforcement, and not snark.”

“The inertia of good luck seems to follow people who, more or less, appear to be enjoying themselves….The ones who, just like vivid musical characters, believe their best days are ahead– or alternatively, behind them.”

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Life Is Like a Musical: How to Live, Love, and Lead Like a Star

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Sick Blog

Today, I am death.

Actually, I’ve been feeling sick since Friday.

I was at work when I felt that tickle in the back of my throat. That soreness waiting to come out. Then, it all crashed down on me. Full on nose battle with coughing and nausea coupled with lack of sleep.

It is now Tuesday, and I am still feeling it. The Sick isn’t a full on 10 anymore though. It has calm down to a subtle 5, but that nausea finally made it’s full on debut today. Conveniently, right before my shift at work.

If you don’t know me, I rarely call out of work. That place can get so messed up if one or more people call out I feel bad being the one doing it. Every time I call out, I fight with myself about it the whole time leading up and the whole day after.

Today, I don’t feel as bad though. I went to Urgent Care on Sunday and they told me to take a few days off of work so I have my excuse (and subsequent paperwork). But calling out two days in a row is almost unheard of in the retail industry. Unless, you’re really sick.

So long story short, I hate calling out of work but for my better health I must do it.

Thank you all for reading

Catch ya on the flip side


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[REVIEW] Crown of Midnight


This is the second book in the Throne of Glass series. If you made it through the first book, I congratulate you on getting through that long intro. This is the story you were waiting for. The action you were longing. All of it was jam packed and ripe for the reading.

I bought this book via Amazon kindle because I bought the first on there and couldn’t stand having an incomplete collection!

Celaena really stepped up her game this book. In the first you were merely introduced to this assassin who suddenly has two love interests and is kinda OK at fighting. But no, this book reveals all and packs quite a punch.

The One Thing I Disliked

The way that Celaena was able to turn against Chaol so fast. Like all that love that had been building up just thrown out in an instant. I know she became feral and attacked him out of anger but the fact that she wasn’t remorseful at all just didn’t make sense to me.

Other than that, this book was all that and a bag of chips!!

From the magic beginning to show itself more, to the introduction of Witches. This book had all the oomph you could hope for. There was romance, heartbreak, action, and tragedy. All smooshed into one.

And that ending.


I knew this was coming but damn I wasn’t ready for it’s delivery. I loved every second of reading this that I finished it in three work days! That’s a hard one for me since they were all 8 hour shifts 😦 ALAS! I succeeded and promptly purchased the third book right after. I’m trying to give myself some time in between books to finish other ones to help keep me motivated to finish those.

To Conclude:

I really loved this book and the Throne of Glass series is a great read if you’re looking for an awesome female lead who really is bad-ass.

Thanks for reading, homies


Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass)


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April Book Haul


From Barnes and Noble

The Diabolic: I’ve seen this book around lately and thought to pick it up. It sounds like a switching roles trope and I’m all for that Prince and the Pauper type.

Wings of Fire- The Lost Heir: This is book two in the series and I look forward to the adventures of these dragons.

Black Beauty: This book was in a tiny corner with a 75% off sticker on it. With the book costing 6.99, this was an automatic purchase. I was a big animal lover as a good, horses definitely included.

From Amazon Kindle


The Selection: This book was available for free with Amazon Prime and I jumped on the opportunity. I’ve been trying to get ahold of this book for some time now and I have switched my reading to this.


Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass): This is Throne of Glass book two and I’m very excited to continue reading this series. I try not to get into series unless I’m in it for the long run. This one was 6.99 on sale.


Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass): This is Throne of Glass book three. I actually managed to read all of book two in record time and went ahead and bought the third. It was also on sale for 6.81.


Plunge Into Darkness: I was awarded this book by Goodreads after entering one of their giveaways! I have no idea what to expect from this book but I hope it is satisfactory.

Thanks for visiting! I will let you know how these went in the reviews! ❤


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[REVIEW] Throne of Glass

I have finally read Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. This was her debut novel and it was amazing! I thought this was her second series but I was wrong! The introduction was great and captured my attention in the best way. Celaena’s character had me asking what mysteries she would uncover and was surprises she would spring on us next.

This book took 5 days to read and was on sale on amazon kindle! If I had known I would get into the series I would have bought the actual book.


The beginning concentrated too much on descriptions of her looks but I feel that Sarah J Maas improves this in her next series so it isn’t that bad of a negative. Especially since you can easily skim over these parts.

I feel Celaena’s general personality the whole book is a teasing girl that plays off how truly strong she is. Her cockiness has yet to be backed up besides the stories and I felt she deserved more bad-ass ness. Even in the end I feel she could have done more.

The love triangle kills me, man. I hate when there are two love interests! Chapel and Dorian are great but I hate when the main character just switches from one to the other and it’s not my cup of tea.

The one scene I hated was in the kennels and where we are introduced to Fleetfoot. The way Celaena acted towards and the dogs was very out of character and I felt those scene regarding it was unnecessary toward the story and put a damper on her character.


I absolutely loved the back and forth banter between Dorian, Chaol, and Celaena. Also, these names are so unique! I haven’t a clue why I have not heard them before!

The story of how she got her scar on her hand was brutal but really showed her toughness and reminded us that she did indeed kill someone with a pickax.

The Wyrdmarks and traditions in the story were great and I love how they were included and easily understood. It was a great magical mix in there. I’m glad Nehemia was introduced so Celaena had someone in the castle to turn to in times of confusion. I loved Nehemia in general, she was my favorite character by far!

To Conclude

This book was a great intro to the series. Yes, there were some downsides but overall I recommend this book! The assassin is a great story that has never been told and I can not wait to read the next book (Oh wait, I already did 😉

See you then,


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[Review] 10 Secrets To A Bestseller


To begin: I obtained this book via a Giveaway on Goodreads and let me tell you how splendid it was.

But, before I go into detail, if you haven’t heard of the publishing company Izzard Ink, you sure will now! The shameless self advertisement found in the pages of this book exceed all expectations. Answer after answer is given with this name as the sole answer to all!

Aside from the constant mentions, the book really explains in detail all the ways you can fail with self publishing. This was a great eye opener for me so I must say this was a good, quick read. There’s no need to memorize everything either because there is a convenient little checklist on the back of everything that was gone over.

I recommend this read if you are in the business of trying to get a book published! The tips are truly helpful and it took an hour to finish.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

10 Secrets to a Bestseller: An Author’s Guide to Self-Publishing (Self-Publishing Bestseller)

Purplemanatees out

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[REVIEW] The Golden Compass


This adventure is about Lyra and her dæmon Pantalaimon. To begin, Dæmons are an extension of the human soul which take the form of an animal. They have the ability to transform into any animal until they settle on one in the beginning of puberty. This is such a unique idea that the story revolves around this. Lyra begins in Jordan College and her life gets turned upside like any other book.

Do note, the beginning is thick. I honestly suggest just skimming until you get past that intro. Not a lot of it was needed information except that Lyra runs around on the streets with the gyption boys and her best friend Roger!

I saw the movie a long time ago so as a I read I would remember little snippets of it. I remember a lot of people hated the movie but honestly I feel it helped me put a face to each character, especially Mrs Coulter.

This book was a thick read but I became so enthralled with the climaxes that I finished it in 4 days.


Loved Iorek. He was one of my favorite characters. Lyra won him over greatly and I believe he was a great protector toward Lyra.

Pantalaimon and the whole dæmon culture was a great aspect of this movie and gave insight to such a niche evolution in humans.


The ending was just an intro to the next book. It finished up with the big reveal about Lyra’s parents and I just felt that Lord Asriel’s character was a let down. Now I know that was the point but dang we just threw him off the deep end!

The Dust Particle details should have been given in the beginning rather than later on. I thought it was quite silly we had to wait till the end of the book when it was something being discussed throughout it that I feel could have been conveyed better even in the actual explanation!


I thought this book was great and I might read the second one I’m not sure. The mystery does prevail and I am quite curious about how everything is going to come together with this “Dust” and the like.

Thank you for visiting!