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[REVIEW] The Diabolic

Let me preface this review by saying that this is one of the best books I have read in a while. The Diabolic written by S.J. Kincaid is definitely one that everyone should read. This undercover story begins with Nemesis, the diabolic hired to protect Sidonia Impyrean. Diabolics are genetically modified humans meant to serve and protect at all costs. Nemesis is led through many trials to see how far her limits can be tested to protect the one she is bonded to.

After reading Exile, I was pleased to find out that this book is also space themed. My liking for the far reaches of the galaxy only intensified even further. This is a Sci-fi/Action book filled with non-stop action and fast plot movement. Every chapter was different from the next and I cannot wait to read the next book!

Oh No’s

The terminology was a little hard for me to understand. Maybe it was the way it was explained but I needed a bit more information about these religions and the many names that are thrown around. Helios, grandee, grandiloquy. So many names were used but not defined. A glossary in the back would have been great.

DO NOT READ THE TITLE OF THE SECOND BOOK. This totally ruined my view of the entire book. Everything was so crazy when truths were revealed that I couldn’t stop reading. But all throughout, I knew how it would end because I saw the next title when shopping. 😦


To put it simply, this book took my three work days to read. I binge read this through every break and all the time I had at home. I will be giving this book a full five stars and I’m so excited to read the second book (when I’m not on a book buying ban).

Nemesis is such a great character. Her character development was astounding and though a bit fast, it was understandable to get the plot moving. I’m a sucker for “revealing” the big secret to people and the fact that this happens over and over again in this book was such satisfaction. I truthfully suggest reading this book.

I wholly recommend giving this book a read. I bought this book at Barnes and Noble after seeing the cover and liking how it looked. I was definitely not let down.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

The Diabolic

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Books I’m Most Anticipating This Year

I’ve seen this tag going around and I’ve decided to join the hype.


Kingdom of Ash

Obviously, this is going to be at the TOP of of my list. Although, I have yet to read the two books before this (Tower of Dawn and Empire of Storms) but that doesn’t make me less than thrilled for this release. This is the final installment in the series.



I know this book has already been released but this story sounds great. And Nadine Brandes, the author, is absolutely darling. Her excitement over her release and her tours are great to follow in her vlog.


Spinning Silver

Just released this book is soaring up the bestseller list. Another great hit by Naomi Novik, this is another edition to Naomi’s classic rewrites. Similar to her previous book, Uprooted, this story follows a Rumpelstiltskin plot and I’m so excited to read this fantasy. I have been a fan since the Uprooted series and even went to her book signing where I got my copies of the Temeraire series signed. Unfortunately, I can’t afford this book at the moment, so I must wait for ultra coupons.

Those are all the ones that have really caught my attention so far. Thanks for reading and I will catch you on the next page!


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[REVIEW] Exile

Do you like Space? Science Fiction? Aliens? Spaceship battles? Well all of this is included in this great book!

When scouring the booths of Bookcon, we stumbled upon a booth solely dedicated to Exile. The lady at the booth merely scanned our badges to allow for only one ARC per person, and we were gifted this wonderful novel written by Glynn Stewart.

The story is really well-thought out. You can tell that this book has been a long time in the making. The descriptions in this book are phenomenal and it’s not your run of the mill plot line. Over 30,000 people are just shipped over to the other side of the galaxy to pretty much fend for themselves. But, this world is not as perfect as it seems to me and this new colony is going to have a few obstacles in their way to create their new lives.

Oh No’s

The writing was a little bit dense with all of the references to rebellion, politics, and immense space terminology. But just a reread or two makes it all the more clearer to understand. I honestly loved the build up in this novel although it just seemed greatly slow. This is in regards to the entire story revolving around an entire population being exiled to another planet and they simply setting up home on a different planet.


The coolest part were the computer screens that were implanted into people arms. Perhaps this is the future we wish to see. This is definitely how iPhones will evolve.

The names in this book are quite thought out and realistic. Drakehold because it looks like a dragon was a pretty cute inclusion. Although there were a few names and references that caught my eye. Yes, any and all names to copyrighted licenses are purely fictional but COME ON! Dr. Reinhardt has a daughter named Brigette (245). An even includes the word overwatch in the book as well! Keep your eye peeled for this Overwatch not-reference. 😉

I also loved how everything was in terms of lightyears. This made the future seem so much more bigger than it currently is. The overwhelming numbers used in the book were insurmountable.

Altogether, this was great Science Fiction novel that had such a lovely tone throughout the book. If you’re looking for an introduction into more Space themed books.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.


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Bridal Shower

On July 7th I had my Bridal Shower! It was so wonderful and I thank everyone for coming.

My mom prepared such wonderful food she did so much for me I can’t begin to thank her enough! From food to fun games, the Shower has it all!

From butter cream cupcakes with mini engagement rings to amazing party favors made by my sister! These features mini chocolates and Hershey’s kisses all wrapped up in a bag.

After eating their fill, we decided to play “Dress the Bride” with toilet paper! Each team was three people and they had four minutes to make a dress out of the toilet paper rolls! It was harder than it looked!

I think we know which one won but of course the other two were great tries! 😂

After the game, it was on to presents! Everyone will be getting their thank you cards sent soon(if I can find the addresses again).

I got so many wonderfully thoughtful gifts that I never thought I would ever receive. This included: a ceramic cat measuring cups, a triceratops taco holder, a toaster over, and a stand mixer! This is a whole new experience for me and I’m so happy everyone enjoyed this party and once again thank you to everyone who came! The wedding is a month away and I still have so much to do! 😨

Wish me luck, everyone!


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[REVIEW] Maiden Voyage

Yet another score from Bookcon! This one is a Scholastic Advanced Readers Copy of a Titanic retelling.

Maiden voyage written by Sarah Jane follows three girls and their intertwining stories. Lucy is a girl from a wealthy family on their way to vacation in America, Abigail is their maid, and Isabella has just been sent on the ship by herself to start anew in the new land. These three girls embark on the Titanic, which we all know what ends up happening.

This is a great middle school book that is equally suspenseful and page-turning yet educational about the times. Showing the different classes and their dynamically different quarters really emphasized their historical time period. The inclusion of that along with the details of the titanic’s route and what actually happened after the crash into the iceberg were relatively accurate.

The only Oh No I had was the amount of luck that Abigail had was just way too much. She got away with everything and too many people were luckily on her side. But it is a middle school book so maybe it was just for convenience sake.

Other than that, the characters were quite thought out and I loved how fast paced the book was. It is short, only 247 pages, so it was a quick binge read for me. Do give it a buy if you can’t think of a simple present to buy for a younger cousin! I will supply a link below for a fast and easy amazon purchase just for your convenience sake 😉

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Maiden Voyage: A Titanic Story

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[REVIEW] Labyrinth Lost

Another great book that I obtained at Bookcon. This time, I can’t place the exact moment I got this book, but I do know that it is a great fictional epic that should be read.

To begin, I love the representation in this book. The main character lives in NYC and this book really emphasizes what it is like living here. The main character is a Latina teen named Alex and is a bruja (Witch in spanish but better). Alex also seems to be Bi which is great because we finally have a realistic love triangle and I loved every second of it.

Magic runs in the family but Alex refuses to accept this. Her powers haven’t awakened and she refuses to believe she could even have powers, preferring the normalness of high school and regular life. Shirking her bruja responsibilities. she decides that magic is not the life for her and like any teen, rebels. Of course, this ends in chaos and their adventure to save Alex’s family begins.

Oh No’s

Rishi’s part in this book was very confusing. It felt very “Peter Jackson” and the idea that everyone in the vicinity of her life is actually connected in some way. I loved her inclusion in the triangle of friends and that she ended up having a larger part in the book than what she appeared to have. Rishi grew on my throughout the book but her character seemed a little all over the place.

Those beautiful gates in the title are never mentioned in the book. Only a labyrinth, a giant tree, forests, and many other places but never any gates which I was very sad about. But do look at how gorgeous that cover is! The green background really emphasizes those purples.


Latinx representation! Brooklyn Brujas says it all with representation of a finally Hispanic main character and her life as a bruja in NYC. Also the Bi- representation was greatly written.

Every name or Spanish dictation was followed by how to pronounce the word. Such a great inclusion detail and I loved that I could read the words exactly how the author wanted.

These are just teenagers and it was written as a great teenager epic. Another review mentioned this is exactly how the middle child of a family feels. As I am not one, I must wait for my sister to give this a read to let me know. This book was a work of art to read and it was reminiscent of a full Peter Jackson movie as said before.

I do recommend giving it a read and I am actually going to be investing in the second book myself! It continues with Lula being the main character and I cannot be more excited.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas)

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[REVIEW] Your Soul Is A River

Look at how gorgeous this poetry book is! I obtained a copy of this from Bookcon. While walking the halls of the Javits, we stumbled upon yet another line. After getting in said line for this book we were then told we need to get other poets autographs first. This is obviously kind of awesome so we just hopped on over and got a postcard signed plus some stickers and the last Dropkick Romance pin. Nikita Gill, the author, was really sweet and had me looking forward to reading this book.

Oh No’s

The whole book was mostly about heartbreak. Now don’t get me wrong, this is only an Oh No for me. If heartbreak is really affecting you right now, pick this book up. The problem is, I confess, I’ve never broken up with anyone. So this may be a bias and perhaps a rare one but the constant mentions of this “misfortune” was not very interesting of a read. I understand how this has really affected Nikita in life but I feel there were so many more subjects to have been visited.

The poem themes were great but I feel more synonyms should have been used. Maybe I missed what the author was going for but I felt that themes like FIRE had so much more depth than simply the ashes from a breakup.


There were still many lovely poems in this book. One of my favorites was

Midnight thought

I hope you find someone

who knows how to love you

when you are sad

(Pg 130, Nikita Gill)

When Nikita wrote this collection, you can tell she put all of her emotions into her writing. Although, the theme prompt had to have helped her, I loved that idea of them too.

Altogether, this is a great poetry read and the author is so sweet. The book is currently on sale for 3.99 on amazon and I suggest absolutely hopping on this deal. Especially if you are going through some pain in your life.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Your Soul is a River

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[REVIEW] The Butterfly Garden


If you have a liking for the same weird and effed up stories as I do, then this book is right up your alley. It begins with an unnamed girl being interrogated by the police. She and 23 other girls had just been rescued from someone named ‘The Gardener.’ We are then introduced to the story of how the girls were kidnapped and brought to a place called “The Garden.” As the story unfolds, we get deeper and deeper, and things get darker and darker. But, how does the main character fall into all of this? You will have to read to find out.

For a recommendation, this book is very reminiscent of The Cellar by Natasha Preston. Fair trigger warning for both books. Sexual assault has an occurrence in both. This is a thriller/mystery/suspense novel that pokes at the edges of group mentality and human decency.

Oh No’s

I disliked the format of the story where it would switch points of view from the interrogation room to the past. It’s not really my cup of tea and I also felt that the investigators were really two-dimensional. They were just your standard bad cop/good cop.

The author liked to go into detail about the main character’s past before her kidnapping a little too much. I had no interest in learning all of these girls stories and names only to have to learn about two dozen more names later on. It was just too much of an overload of information. I understand how it ties in to the whole story but it felt a little thrown in to me.

I did not like the twist at the very end. It was too big of a coincidence to me and therefore not very realistic. Although it did explain the main characters actions and gave them reason.


This book is great and the story had so many dark and dangerous twists. “The Gardener” and “Maya” were great characters and their stories were so unique to tell. The Wow factors were great as well. I’m trying to keep this a spoiler free review since this book really has some Wow factors to accommodate “The Garden” and everything that goes on inside. You will just have to read and find out the details but it is really worth it.

The lengths at which this book went to include each aspect of the kidnappings was extraordinary. From the control “Maya” was able to accomplish through this to the passive neutrality of Desmond and his active role in this. The end comes full of fury and wrath the likes of which I have not seen. The end was a true end and showed that there are truly limits you can reach.

This book was such a quick read and had quite a few twists aside from just stating facts and moving through the story line from when the main character was captured to their inevitable “escape.” It was quite a ride and the ending was extremely satisfying. Fair warning, you will have a new understanding of butterflies and it will not be the best.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

The Butterfly Garden (The Collector Series)

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Wedding Preparation [Bubbles]

My fiance and I finally got around to decorating our bubbles! It was such a long process but we made it! We cut out circles, hole-punched them, and added our date and initials. Then we tied them with ribbon to the bubbles to blow at the end of our ceremony. Now, we need someone to make sure they all get handed out.

Just wanted to make a quick post for you guys! Stick around for more wedding posts later-gater! 😉


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[REVIEW] Wild Swans

One of the best pictures I’ve taken! Right here 😉 I needed to meet up with my dad and he was running late so I found the best place to sit and read! The NYC skyline always looks the best from Queens 👌🏻

Now on to this great book, Ivy’s family has been cursed for generations. Somehow, not only do all of the women succeed in a talent but they all end up deceased for one reason or another. The Milbourn family have been notorious for their family problems and Ivy’s own mother abandoned her when she was just two years old. Now her mother has shown up again. Only this time, with two other children in tow.

This book really emphasizes a small town and how fast things can spread to others. It also helps come to terms with parts of your life regardless of what others think. Ivy is the most cool headed protagonist I’ve ever seen and she sort of became a role model to me in a way. She is so young but her character is so thought out.

Oh No’s

How fast her relationships grew. This book only spans over a week and a half in Ivy’s life but to me so much happens in this time that it feels off to me. It was like she is binge playing a video game and just max’s out her bonds with each character.

There were a couple of very Young Adult ideas that were thrown into the book just to make it appeal to the younger generation. Representation is great but I felt, for example, the explanation of Ella and into that character could’ve been time spent adding more days to this fast as heck story.


How realistic her family was. Her mom and sisters were great and I loved how true to their characters they were throughout the entire book. Grace and Isobel were both great and Ivy was such a prominent character; I loved them. These people really grew on me and I might even give this a second read later on in life.

I also loved the ending and how all of the plots were closed (my favorite part of one-shot books). The conclusion was so impactful and Ivy was always so composed throughout the book, even I aim to be like her in situations.

Altogether, this is a great book that was quite unique. If you’re an English major, this book would also be the book for you with so many poems and novel references it was great.

Click the link below to purchase this lovely book in all it’s glory.

Wild Swans

I hope you all have a great day and I will catch you on the next page!