[Book Review] Rated

Title: Rated
Author: Melissa Grey
Pages: 319
Genre: LGBTQ, Romance, Mystery
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This is an Advanced Readers Copy. That means that this is not the final version of the book. Therefore, facts and quotes are subject to change in the published book.

This is like 15% mystery, 50% romance, and the rest is about highschoolers living in this new world centered on ratings. We follow six individual students who live in this new world. From the highest score to the lowest in the school, all six students cover a range of kids. Each pair into a couple which is quite obvious but it is one straight, one gay, and one lesbian, which is great to see!

Oh No’s

How they all come together and solve the mystery in the end did not make sense. Hana and Tamsin didn’t figure it out all but just showed up there. We got to see how one group figured it out and the other two groups just appear there. I feel this whole story needed to be fleshed out a lot more.

Loved that there are six different perspectives. Very different but I wish they weren’t all info-dumped in the beginning then brought together so suddenly in the end. They should have been integrated more slowly so it wouldn’t be so hard for people to learn who they are. I wanted more from all of these people. If there is a sequel, I might bump this rating up to a five.


LGBTQ Love the couples, straight, gay, lesbian, all my babies! Hana and Tamsin were definitely my favorites because I feel they were the most fleshed out. Chase and Elizabeth were a hard second with Noah and Javi taking up the finish. These are great characters who meld well together and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did!

You guys know how I am when it comes to translations being included in books. Well, here is a perfect example of what you can do!

“But we’re your parents,” her mother said in Japanese. She spoke Japanese when she thought Hana was being recalcitrant or rebellious.” – ARC

You don’t have to use the language every time. Although you can if you want to, I know I will. But if I do, I will include a translation so that all can understand. I also want to aim/push for publishing in multiple languages.


This is a great mystery/romance for young adults. I wish this book was more fleshed out and longer but I’m hoping for a sequel. I definitely suggest picking this book up!

My similar recommendation for this novel would be Girls of paper and fire by Natasha Ngan. Fighting the system and coming together. Oh and lesbians.

Favorite Quote

Tamsin: You’re a jock in sequins.

Chase: I think I’d look good in sequins. Maybe we should make it a thing.”


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  1. I am curious about this one. Great review – I’m still on the fence but it does sound fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It could definitely use more content!


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