[Review] I Bought A Kindle!

Hello everyone!

As the title proclaims, I am now an owner of a Kindle Paperwhite! The newest of the kindles I got the cheaper option of 8 GB but for some reason they sent me the 32GB. But I ain’t complaining! And it’s waterPROOF!

Don’t think I’m rich yet because I bought this baby with monthly payments on amazon. I have no idea why I haven’t done this before but it seems pretty useful to me. I can easily afford $25 every month but I can’t just drop $130 like that.

So far, I am in love with this thing. From the ability to hook up goodreads to the screensaver that pops up and uses no battery life. This unique tiny not-a-tablet is perfect for me. I am going to shove this baby in my purse every chance I get.

Now for the Oh No. The operating system is a little slow for something made in 2018. It reminds me of my old PSP with how slow it is as well as the pathetic ‘experimental browser.’ It’s 2019 and I have a phone on my watch yet amazon can’t supply us with a proper browser.

But, other than that, this thing is top notch. I am definitely happy that I bought this thing. I can’t wait to curl up with it and not be distracted by my phone.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Congrats!!! I had a nook first and then a kindle, and I’ve loved owning an e-reader. Keep us updated on your thoughts about your Kindle. I’m going to need a new one soon (I have an elderly Kindle keyboard, which likes to randomly freeze and restart, so I’m wondering how much longer it’ll last), so I’m interested in hearing what you think about this!

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    1. I ised to have the book too! But it just felt like a cheap tablet to me. And I will definitely keep you updated. This one seems kind of slow too for the amount of money I paid I wouldve expected faster speeds. Also when pages turning, the entire screen flashes to a different color? Maybe I just need to update it.

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  2. i love that it still has an experimental browser. My 2010 Kindle has one of those, looks like they’ve done nothing else with it!

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    1. Absolutely nothing. They didn’t even touch it I feel like. And for a 2018 device, it pretty much refreshes with every page change. It’s sort of annoying but I will get over it. I at least found out for to turn it to dark mode.

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  3. I use an old kindle fire and I love it but sometimes I get annoyed with the backlight and go waaaaay back and use the kindle keyboard lol, congrats on getting a kindle!!

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    1. The backlight seems great on this one! But I’ve heard it’s not worth the upgrade yet from older kindles

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  4. mchotstuff says:

    I hope they release a kindle that has an integrated “new book smell” where you can have a whiff of your latest downloads.

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    1. Or the ability to trade in a kindle book for a real book!!

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  5. Michael says:

    Congrats! I received a Kindle paperwhite over the holidays, and I love mine – it makes reading on the go a lot easier, and I find myself able to finish books more quickly.

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    1. Same here so far! I feel like my phone is SUCH a distraction and I cant read physical books at night because my husband hates the light

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  6. txjessy says:

    How fun! I bought one in December and I love the battery life too. 💕

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    1. I’ve read 3 books and I finally have to charge it 2 weeks later

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      1. txjessy says:

        That’s awesome!

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