Bookcon Prep


Saturday Plans


 The greatest thing about Bookcon for me, is that I’m going with a fellow book nerd who loves books as much as I do! Because of this, we got twice the authors!

Chuck Palahniuk

Kate DiCamillo, Shannon Hale, Jessica Spotswood, Meg Medina & T.R. Simon

Kendare Blake

Other Plans

Of course, I plan on going to panels but I don’t want to plan my day around them. Saturday is the day we want to concentrate on the show floor since the next day will be short for us.

We also plan on lining up in as many lines as we see! Most of the time they entail free things such as arcs, book signings, freebies, and more!

Sunday Plans


Adam Silvera

Rainbow Rowel

Veronica Roth

Although, I’m afraid we already own the book by Adam Silvera we would be required to purchase. So we must wait for the day of to see if there are other books available for purchase. If not, we will unfortunately bid our goodbye.

As mentioned before, we won’t be able to make it to any panels on this day since it is one of my best friend’s birthday party.

I can’t wait! If you are going to be there, follow me on instagram to see what I’m wearing and say hi!



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  1. This is exciting! I’m going as well and I cannot wait! I’m going to Tomi Adeyemi’s author signing and I’m super excited for it! Hope you guys have fun there!

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    1. Great author score! I forgot they were going to be there! 😭 The 2 autograph limit is so sad when they have so many good guests! Take lots of pictures!

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      1. And the tickets went so fast! I wanted to get one for Victoria Aveyard but by the time I checked out they were sold out!

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  2. Lauren Mead says:

    Is that the BookCon that happens in New York? I’m dying to go some year, since the Canadian one got cancelled years ago.

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    1. Yes it is! Oh noo I’m so sorry!


      1. Lauren Mead says:

        One of these days I’m determined to make it to the New York BookCon! Is it as amazing as I’ve heard?

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      2. Yes it’s so great! I know they had one in Chicago before but now they moved it to NYC. Maybe they will go to Canada sometime!

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